Greetings! Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I hope it’s the beginning of an ongoing conversation between us.  I really enjoyed reading everyone’s blog last night- we have an amazing group here; everyone is so engaged.

This is an exciting  semester for me because it’s the gateway to an internship. I’m nearly eligible to work for free, err, I mean, obtain some real-world experience.  Like many LIS students, my path to library school was a long and meandering one, and does not include a lick of work experience in an actual library.  In a nutshell, I spent a good portion of my young adult life overseas, primarily in France and Vietnam. I worked in management consulting, helping American companies get a foothold in Vietnam as the embargo was being lifted.  When I came back to states, I thought it would be a good idea to quit my job and go to college.  UCSD’s Sociology department  was a natural choice for me (clearly not one fueled by employment prospects) and from there, I was on my way to a PhD program in Gerontology when I decided it would  be a lot more fun to marry Charlie and have a baby.

Said husband and baby 

Since then I’ve been holding down the esteemed position of CEO of the Household where I rule with an iron fist and chocolate chip cookies.  Believe me, the position has afforded me a priceless education in negotiation tactics, patience, and Lego organization methods.  Somehow, an MLIS brings together all these disparate skills and interests in a way that is meaningful to me. I am passionate about libraries and love connecting people with information, programs and other resources that make their lives easier and more fulfilled.

I think I can actually trace the steps that brought me to this particular course. Before starting the MLIS I poked around the internet for some interesting blogs that could bring the LIS world into focus.  I found some good ones, like Walking Paper, Char Booth’s Info-mational, and of course, Awful Library Books.  I also landed on Tame the Web and since then, I’ve been  wanting to take a course from Michael. So here we are.  Interestingly, I also enjoyed reading Brian Mathews, who can now be found at The Ubiquitous Librarian.  His “Think Like a Start Up” paper is familiar to me, having come across it when I was researching library valuation. I am looking forward to reading it again.  I am also looking forward to learning more about  the hyperlinked public library….lately I’m gravitating toward an interest in public librarianship, though I’ve been all over the map since I started the MLIS.

And the Genuine Genie bit…it doesn’t mean anything.  A long time ago, I thought it was catchy and used it for a now-defunct rambling blog about nothing in particular, which was later reincarnated as Genuine Genie Food Blog, my kitchen diary. So now I’m kinda stuck with the Genuine Genie theme…it wants to be a triumvarirate (Genuine Genie Food Blog, Genuine Genie Library Blog, Genuine Genie ??? Blog), but I daresay I’m plum out of topics to muse on.


8 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. I love meeting people who, like me, have run headlong into the field of LIS without any actual library experience. It makes me feel less tentative about what I am doing; it’s as though knowing that there are other people out there who made their way into library science just fine means that I will be just fine too. I have plans to do an internship in the future, but this is only my second term at SLIS, so I need to accumulate a few more credits first.
    Anyway, I loved reading about your background (totally fascinating), and am looking forward to seeing more posts from you. (With more great links, I should hope! But no pressure.)

    1. Thanks Matthea. I think your background is going to be a real plus for you; your research has all kinds of ties to LIS applications. Actually, I’ve found it quite common for librarians/information professionals have a wide range of experience in their pre-library lives.

      1. I think it is best to lead a multitude of lives in one’s lifetime. One of the reasons I chose to finally “end up” in LIS was that there seems to be a much greater possibility for flexibility. There are so many things one can do with a MLIS – not always so true for a specialized PhD! Even though I lean towards wanting to focus on medical librarianship, there are so many different things I hope to do in that arena.
        I have a friend who got her MLIS from SJSU some years ago and has since been a law librarian, a database manager, a private art librarian, a children’s librarian at a Montessori school, been in charge of teaching middle schoolers about research and web use, and worked as a professional organizer – often doing more than one of these things simultaneously. Librarians do EVERYTHING.

  2. CEO of the Household – love it! Thanks for posting the links to various LIS blogs, I’m sure they will come in handy for a lot of us

  3. “I am passionate about libraries and love connecting people with information, programs and other resources that make their lives easier and more fulfilled.” That is a wonderful statement about what has brought you to the degree. Thanks for sharing bits of your experience and background. Welcome to #hyperlib!

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