My Personal Learning Network: A Baseline

Baseline by Megan Elizabeth Morris (CC-BY-NC-ND)

My personal learning network for all things library began in the Spring of 2014 (2 years ago). The heart and soul of my PLN was Michael Stephen’s Hyperlinked Library course (now also a MOOC), which provided the necessary information, impetus and inspiration for developing an PLN. For that course, I was asked to start a blog with which I would turn in assignments and reflect on what I was learning. I saved this little infographic which shows just how far I had come after one semester (or rather, just how low of a base I began with!)

final PLN

*Icon attributions at the end 

And now, here we are. I wasn’t so good at maintaining my blog and developing my network over the summer and throughout other courses, but thankfully, I never lost it altogether, and now, with more direction in my studies, I can really begin to tailor my PLN. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

Since that initial push, which mostly revolved around public librarianship, I starting following a few school library people on twitter, added several school library and educational blogs to Feedly and most importantly, began volunteering in my daughter’s elementary school library. I’ve been sucking up information ever since.

Here’s what I’ve done the last couple of days to organize and revitalize my PLN:


  • Looked into the idea of using a dashboard product as my homepage. I’m currently using a chromebook (LOVE*), which is fine because everything is web-based these days. I considered Symbaloo and Netvibes and then just decided to stick with the existing products I love: Diigo and Feedly. I can set up my chromebook to always open with these tabs active. (I will probably add Twitter and Canvas to the active tabs).


  • Joined a couple groups in Diigo related to EdTech and then subscribed to those feeds in Feedly….that way I can see some of the links people are adding directly from feedly. Not sure if this will be helpful or not. Time will tell.
  • Reorganized Feedly with new collection categories, promoting some blogs to ‘must read’ and adding new ones. (Re-promised myself to read. feedly. every. day.)
  • Tweeted out an interesting article or two. I’m pretty good about avoiding the temptation to blindly re-tweet; I typically aim to provide some input/value add. At least I checked that this article wasn’t already all over #tlchat.
  • Made arrangements to go to the Friday session of The CSLA 2016 Conference (Vista Unified School District is presenting) and attend SJSU’s iSchool meetup. Who am I to turn down an invitation to cocktails?


*Icon Attributions: RSS by Daniel Llamas Soto from The Noun Project; Texting by Luis Prado from The Noun Project; Twitter by aguycalledgary from The Noun Project; Telephone by Simple Icons from The Noun Project; Network by Bruno Castro from The Noun Project; Cloud Computing by Andrew Forrester from The Noun Project; Icons not cited are public domain.


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